Art for Kids is for children and teenagers, aged from 7 to 15.

The classes are held every week, Monday to Friday in Barway. We charge £150 for 10 sessions. This price includes most of the materials.

You must book in advance to secure a place for your children. We have 8 pupils per class maximum.
Classes are great fun and you will be amaze with the results… one session after the other, we learn new techniques and lots of different styles will be covered to meet everyone’s taste and needs.

Enrolment form Art for Kids Barway ELY < To enrol your child, please click on this link, fill in the form and send it back to us. If you want to enrol online and pay via Paypal, please email your details to Corinne:, we’ll be in touch! Thanks. Any questions, call us on 01353 624575.

Art Workshops for young learners

Saturdays and Sundays, we run workshops in Barway. They are amazing fun and our young artists go home with paintings that leave many parents speech less.

Topics that we offer are: Manga, watercolour, design and illustration, acrylic, mixed media, calligraphy… the list is long!

Face Painting & Body Art

Face painting for birthday parties, anniversaries, hen nights and lots of other celebration is BRILLIANT fun! I bring all the colours, all the glitter and all the knowledge of making face painting an amazing experience. As part of the package for Face Painting & Body Art, I take photos for you to enjoy a great souvenir.

The fees for face painting and body art start from £80 per hour, £120 for 2 hours +. A booking is confirmed once the payment is received in full. Once a date is booked, please note that fees are non-refundable.

Trompe-l’œil and Murals

Trompe-l’œil is an art technique involving realistic imagery to create an optical illusion where the objects appear three dimensional.

Trompe-l’ œil is French for ‘deceive the eye’.

Murals are designs of your choice painted on walls.
We can create and paint Trompe-l’œil on indoor and outdoor
walls, canvas, tables, doors, cupboard doors and more…

Before you commission me to create a mural/trompe l’œil please give me some information:

Your name:
Where would you like your mural/trompe-l’œil?
What style do you have in mind?
What are the dimensions of the wall or walls?

If possible, please send photos of the wall(s) and surroundings with details of what the wall is made of and texture.

Fees are from £520 per day.

Children’s Illustrations

Coco has illustrated many books and teaching materials for children. Her tool box and talent opens to you and the little ones you love the most AMAZING rainbow of possibilities. Colourful murals, paintings on canvas, paper, ceramic, wooden toys and many other supports.

Coco is regularly commissioned to create personalised presents for new born babies; Not only the present are very beautiful and she also meets peoples budgets e-ve-ry ti-me!

Fees start from £10

Decorative Painting

Decorative Painting is applying colour, pigment or paint to any surface for purely ornamental purposes. It is painting for appearance rather than for protection!

Decorative painting can start with just a shadow of children playing painted on the wall to incredible colours of a bird sitting on a branch, a butterfly on a flower, to amazing ornaments for doors, floors, walls, ceilings and furniture.

Prices are based on £45 per hour.

People and pet portraits.

Coco will be delighted to do portraits for you with the medium of your choice.
Pencil, Watercolour, Ink, Pastel, Gouache, Acrylic, Oil, Charcoal…

It really is a wonderful present from the heart.
Prices start from £50 for 30×40 pencil drawing.

COCO prefers to work from photos and can be commissioned to take the photos as well.


We create and design tiles to suit your taste, your style, your dreams and the colour scheme of your interior.
All tiles are hand painted. Commissions take from 2-3 weeks.
Handmade tiles can take up to 6 weeks.

Start Price : £50

Logo Art

Logo Art is a hand painted of your logo on a canvas or on a wall. It can be your logo alone or your logo in a picture painted for you especially. We also paint on wood and rocks.

To commission COCO to create a logo painting, please provide some information about you and your company:

Your name:
Your position within the company:
Name of the company:
How many logo paintings do you require?
What dimensions do you have in mind for your logo painting?
What material do you want your logo painting to be? Canvas, wall, wood…

Please give as many details as you can and also provide a photo of your logo.

Start price £120.


Why not having your own Coat-of-Arm, even if you are not a knight or a king! 😉

Coco creates and designs a symbol unique to a person, family, corporation, or state. In the 21st century, coats of arms are used by a variety of institutions and individuals and sincerely, why not you!

Price start from £200.

Art and Craft Workshops

For little ones only, Coco offers a large scale of workshops. It includes pebble decoration, pottery, ceramic, watercolour, oil, acrylic, polymer clay, glass painting, art and drawing… the list is long.

It is in a very relaxed environment that the workshop take place or sometimes in the comfort of your own home. It is your choice, please get in touch for more details.

Workshops are held either in French and/or in English.

Fees are £30 per person

One to one tuition is available and the fee starts from £60 per hour.

ARTY PARTIES To organise an arty party, please get in touch.

We offer:

– Amazing Watercolour

– Home-made ceramic items to decorate

– Mixed media painting

– Portrait painting (Surprising results!)

– Make a clock!

– Fairy Gardens

and more!

Face painting is also available!

Art 2 Celebrate

Art 2 Celebrate.

I am delighted to work on projects to make your party, your event or celebration even more colourful and beautiful.

The deal is as follow: I start the illustration and then, with the help of all the people around you, you finish the work of art… It can be on your wedding day, on your special seminar or simply for a birthday or anniversary. What you will need is your thumb, a pad of ink, a good wish and a pen to sign in your thumb print. It is a very beautiful memory, something that you can keep for years and every single painting is an original.

I don’t print, I do all my illustration by hand. I know it takes a while longer… sometimes much longer but it makes every pieces so unique and amazing!

To order, please contact me. We will open a shop on-line in the next few weeks but for now, just email me for more details or to place an special order.