RV Life & Travel

Are we crazy enough to do it? I think so!

Time to sell everything we own… cars, house, art materials, cupboards…

RV life and travel 1

Time to donate all that we can… pots, mugs, pans, salad dishes, ornaments, paintings, lights, linen, 100’s and 100’s of books, music CDs, all our DVDs, all our LPs…

Time to throw all that we can’t keep, can’t sell, can’t donate…

Time to SIMPLIFY and get what is important:

First, our 5 cats (passports, vaccines, homoeopathic treatments, food, drinks, toys, beds, harnesses, leashes, pet boxes, soft linen, catnip, essential oils, natural insect repellents, Feliway (plenty of it), grooming tools…)




RV Life and Travel 2