The Weatheralls Art Project in Soham, Ely

2 artists, Claire Cockaine and I took on this art challenge to make 4 large murals with over 700 people.
Everyone envolved in the school’s life decorated a tile and more and we fired over 17 days, 1126 tiles.
All tiles were then fitted to make 4 large illustrations; a robin, a butterfly, a dog-rabbit and a squirrel.
From start to finish, the project took under 21 days to be completed. This project is the fruit of friendship and it is also a miracle!

I am grateful to all little children who lent me their little starfish hands to make the prints.
I am grateful to all young and less young artists for making every brush stroke a fun and exciting moment.

I am grateful to all members of staff at the Weatheralls Primary School for their kindness and their flexibility. I would like to thank Becky, Shaun, Jacqui, Leise, Karen, Charlotte, Jean, Hazel, Chrissy, Ann, Sally, Liam, Jack, Matthew, Callum, Peter, Tom, Judy, Geoff, Vince, Sarah, Andrew from Kings & all the parents and children who helped out of “office hours” and everyone who allowed us to film.

I am grateful to Claire Cockayne who initiated the project. Thank you Claire for your trust and your stamina in working with me long hours.

Thanks to Amanda Askham & Adrian Loade from Cambridgeshire County Council for the grant that allowed us to bring people together through a very exciting and creative art project.

I am very grateful to the love of my life, my husband Chris for putting up with me being tired and creatively crazy busy.

Thank you to Breakfast Club to have decorated our trolley… Thanks to the Co-op in Soham to have lent us the trolley 😉

And finally, thanks to Bob & Julie from Colby Kiln to have fitted a new programmer very quickly to the kiln

to Andrej Dethlefsen from Mediamerge and his wife Izzy for doing this lovely video:

Bump Fruit Bowl



Here is a video of what can be done with your bump if you are pregnant or it can be an inspiration if you wish to give someone pregnant a lovely present.

I feel very blessed to work with those little children to be… and meet them out of the belly once the bowl is made.




Jane – OOAK repainted & restyled doll

Bratz repainted Corinne EaglingTickets to win Jane, this beautiful OOAK restyled and repainted doll will be available to purchase @ £1 at St Margaret Church in Wicken Bonhunt, Saturday 12th September 2015.

Call 07910 21Capture d’écran 2015-09-09 à 13.24.347284 to get a enter the prize draw!


Thanks for reading and joining!





Capture d’écran 2015-09-11 à 21.08.11

Bratz re-painted went to France today – DOLLS AU NATUREL

Those two beautiful young ladies arrived to France safely today.

Here are the photos: Capture d’écran 2015-08-29 à 22.47.08Capture d’écran 2015-08-28 à 22.05.42

Halloween in Ely

Yesterday in Ely, we were having fun, turning delightful children into witches, vampires, zombies…

Please see the video :


To have the heart full of light…

Advent Art Exhibition & Christmas Open Studios

21 artists together under the same roof and 6 artists opening their studios for Christmas! This is to prepare in an unique way, the magic of Christmas.

Sending all of you happy thoughts,



Coeur on WordPress

They are some people who put a lot of efforts into making our life super easy when it comes to creating a website. I want to thank the creator of the Theme Coeur. It works for me. I have designed two websites with it. They look AMAZING. A big thanks to you Titouan @ FrenchTastic.

If you want to see this template and upload it:

Cambridge Open Studios window display in Tindalls Newmarket

Today, I tried my best to catch artists from the area in their jymjams, no luck… apart from one. 😉
It was fun and busy. Lucy from Tindalls was super helpful, so thank you Lucy!
Enjoy watching! xxxx

Cambridge Open Studios in Ely

For the Food and Flower Festival, we took a bus from A&P Travel to Ely market square. We did some promotion for the Cambridge Open Studios. We forgot about the weather (it was raining cats and dogs) as all artists, friends and families were keeping their smiles upon their faces and their ‘joie de vivre’!
What a day!
Please see the video below and enjoy!

Thanks to:
Jamie & Gill from Tindalls
Jo, Tanya & Wiktor from Spirus
Anne, Paddy, Russel, Mickael & Paul from A&P Travel
Jez from BBC radio Cambridgeshire
Roz and Julia from the Ely County Council

For promoting and supporting us!